Lavender Energy

I was inspired to create this painting after listening to Bob Proctor’s abundance meditation. He talks of a ‘beautiful cleansing lavender energy’ and it invoked this power image. I shared this meditation with my friend Dumle Kogbara, a writer and poet, who was also inspired by it. We collaborated to produce a painting and poem in gratitude to Bob Proctor for sharing his work with others.

Here is Dumle Kogbara’s poem:

Birthright Redeemed

And through that night of lack

Grace on the wings lavender

whispered caressing remembrance

Birthing images from a dim, forgotten land

A landscape opens in the clearing

A forgotten but ever-present land.

This was once my birth home

Sublime lavender fills and beckons;

creating imagined paths

Abundance of variegated forms

And that lavender gently dissolves

those images

For there is more

Incarnation- a birthright redeemed.

Dumle Kogbara, December 2017

(For Bob Proctor, in response to ‘Abundance Meditation’)

About hArt

Anglo Costa Rican artist who likes to tell stories.
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